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AMBS provides private practitioners, clinics, hospital-based physicians and any type of medical providers the most comprehensive, up-to-date services and system for claims reimbursement. AMBS will deliver many significant advantages to the provider, including

  • :Faster Reimbursement.
  • Improved Cash Flow.
  • Reduced Administration Costs.
  • Cut cost of supplies
  • Completed extensive training courses by National Medical Systems, Inc. and now working with Allscripts (Tiger) Software.
  • Relieves your office staff of this tedious chore

Unless you wish to exercise the option of direct-link to the billing office, AMBS does not require you to have a computer or change your mode of operation in order to perform electronic claims processing. AMBS will process the claims electronically, in many cases the same day services are performed, and send statements to the “direct-bill" patients.


Claims are transmitted electronically. This provides for same day receipt by insurance carriers and reimbursement of funds faster. Most insurance companies will pay electronic claims within 2 weeks from receipt of claims. Government and Commerical insurance companies reject an average 30% of all paper claims submitted due to errors or insufficient information. Our company has a state-of-the-art software system. Medical edit functions contained in our software system can determine if a claim requires additional information from your office or from the patient prior to submission, ensuring error free claims are submitted to the insurance company 99% of the time, thereby, eliminating costly and time consuming rejections.


Insurance and patient billing are the most overwhelming and time consuming task facing your staff today. We specialize and concentrate on only one thing - submitting your medical claims and getting them paid. Staff will no longer be subjected to time consuming follow-up calls and keeping up with the constant changing regulations, allowing them to attend to other duties and your patient's needs. AMBS can reduce your administrative payroll and totally eliminate the expense of insurance claims processing. Experienced billing clerks can cost you between $10-15 per hour plus cost of supplies, envelopes, postage, forms, patient statements and filing fees.


AMBS provides comprehensive reporting packages that enables effective management of  your accounts receivable. These reports can be furnished at anytime during the month upon request, should the need arise. Your practice will be assigned one representative who will work on your account who will be available to meet with you at your request and convenience, keeping you updated on your accounts. If you choose to, you may link directly to our office and have up-to-date patient information and balances right where its needed, at the front desk.**

* at an additional cost

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